Some people asked us how we decided us for a special breed of cats. In our case, we didn't choose the Norwegian Forestcat, the Norwegian Forestcats have chosen us. 
In the middle of 1996 we visited a cat show in Bergkamen to look for blue British Shorthair kittens. There were a couple of British Shorthair kittens, but we didn't delight in any of the showed kitten. So we looked around, a little bit disappointed, for the other cats. So it happened that a little paw caught us out of one cage.
We looked at this little cheeky kitten very interested. It was a silver-coloured Norwegian Forestcat kitten. We were  enthusiastic about its charming behaviour and naturalness. This one and no one else!!! Immediately we talked to the breeder of the kitten and learned about the character of the Norwegian Forestcat. She invited us to visit her at home and to introduce her cats. So we got Francis.
Very quickly he settled down in our home, Francis and Momo liked each other from the early beginning.
But soon we realised, that Momo was too old for the wild behaviour of the young Norwegian Forestcat. So we decided to buy a young friend for Francis. Our breeder, who was in good contact with us, had a litter just in time, so it was very easy for us to make a decision. Now our family owned a young Norwegian Forestcat lady called "Tracy".
Francis became a neuter, because we were only pet holders and didn´t want to breed.
But suddenly nothing was still the same: At one day, our breeder and now good friend Dagmar Wilming asked us to present our male neuter "Francis" of her cattery at a cat show. A few days later, we were sitting behind a presentation cage without knowing what´s going on at the event.
At the end of the cat show Francis got his first title and BIV and we were astonished what had happened. But we knew one thing for sure: We enjoyed the day and had great fun, Francis didn´t care to be a day in the presentation-cage. Even Dagmar recognised our new obsession, so she told us the next dates for cat shows and explained us how to present a cat in the right way and many other things.
Today, after many cat shows and discussions with other cat breeders, we are totally sure, that it was the greatest luck to meet Dagmar. 
At this point, we would like to give a special and warm thank to Dagmar! She went with us through good and bad times and always gave us advice. 
Meanwhile, Tracy is pregnant, she expects her first kittens in November 1998.
We are eager and can´t expect to cuddle the kittens.