Four girls act for the honor on November 14th 2003.


Carrie-Ann of Magic Moonlight


Højmarken's Jeppe Thorbjørn


name sex colour EMS-Code new owner
Joy female blue creme makerel NFO g 23 stays at home
Joleen female black silver torbie makerel white NFO fs 09 23

Fam. Huesmann           Menden
                of Magic Panther

Jill female black silver torbie classic  NFO fs 22

Fam. Böttger                 Dortmund

Joana female black  torbie makerel white NFO f 09 23 Fam. Goldschmidt         Münster

our girls on the 1st day

One week old

Three week old


four weeks old

Jill, Joleen and Joy with mom


Joana and Jill Joleen


the first group picture with 5 weeks



7 weeks old

 9 and 10 weeks old