our babys were born at the 07.03.2014

H°jmarken's Nea Nidelvvassdraget

H°jmarken's Mortimer Folchart


Name Sex Colour EMS-Code new owner
Yin male black silver tabby mc. white NFO ns 09 23 dead
Yang male black tabby mc. white NFO n 09 23 dead


female blue tabby mc. NFO a 23 stay in new home
ZsaZsa  female black tabby mc. white NFO n 09 23 dead


our Babys with one day





Zsa Zsa 


our Babys with one week

ZoÚ Yin
Zsa Zsa  Yang

Unfortunately, our babies have died down to ZoÚ in the second week within 36 hours despite all efforts by our vet to a herpes virus. Only ZoÚ won the fight and has developed normally. From where we have captured us the herpes virus, we could not understand. Repeated retesting of our cats showed that we had three herpes support in our cattery. Now we had to make a decision, proposed cessation or continue and make the three carriers in a new home. Heavy heart we have separated from Torbie, Jamie and Wonder and decided for carry on. Torbie now lives with my wife's sister and Jamie with Wonder with nice acquaintances. After delivering our carrier, we have our cattery several times retested and found no new herpes support more, so that we can hope to have survived.