Two kittens were born in the
morning on February 18, 2008


Fran Fine av Haithabu

Jamie Lee vom Trollberg


Name Sex Colour EMS-Code new Owner
Quadro male black tabby mc. white NFO n 09 23


Quickley female blue tabby mc. NFO a 23

Fam. Macherauch  Leverkusen



our babys with 2 days


our babys with 2 weeks

Quadro of Magic Moonlight

*18.02.2008   16.03.2008

For almost 3 weeks we fought your pneumonia, no means has helped you and then gave up your little heart on the Sunday morning.

Quickley with 4 weeks

Quickley with 5 weeks

Quickley with 6 weeks

Quickley with 9 weeks

Quickley with 11 weeks

Quickley with 13 weeks